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Promethean Spark Mexico


Promethean Spark International has been privileged to partner with two trafficking shelters in Mexico. Camino a Casa Foundation and El Pozo de Vida. Both of these amazing organizations run homes and shelters for young women who have been rescued from human trafficking. What a perfect fit for us to be able to bring our methodology in to teach life skills to the girls as they create new lives for themselves and learn how to use their minds and bodies for wholesome, purpose-driven goals in their lives. They were not used to the physical rigors we expected of them so there was a steep learning curve but they stuck with it and we have made some dear new friends and watched many of the girls move on to graduate from High School and get into college or get training and start jobs. We are very proud of our PS-Mexico Alumni.
BENNY YU – Founder/Program Administrator at El Pozo de Vida (Trafficking Shelter in Mexico)

A little more than a month has passed by since [Promethean Spark]’s visit with us at El Pozo de Vida and our girls and staff continue to express the impact it has made on their lives. Promethean Spark’s innovative approach fusing dance with values has helped us reinforce character and life-building skills that are necessary for survivors of trafficking overcome the hurdles that they face in their rehabilitation process. Thas to their work we now have a stronger foundation to help these young women see a brighter future and to achieve their personal dreams.