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The Chance
of a Lifetime

Teach live skills through dance

or volunteer with us in another exciting capacity!

Make a difference in the world like you never thought possible. Change lives for the better through the arts: in the process you will find your own knowledge, abilities and soul have expanded in beautiful and unexpected ways.

Ways to grow your skills with Promethean Spark International:

  1. PSI Life Coach: Volunteer in our life coaching programs (domestic or abroad) for 1-3 months, teaching life skills through the Promethean Spark Methodology. (Prerequisite: must be certified as a Promethean Spark Life Coach). We will reach out to you for an interview if this is the option you choose. Or join our waitlist for future programs.
  2. Promethean Spark Intern: Build your skills while helping us improve our social media, graphic design, public messaging, impact research, organizational policies and forms, or videography! We are open to ideas.
  3. Local Utah Chapter Volunteer: Volunteer with local activities, including fundraising, chapter, certification, or recruitment events.

Apply below to volunteer with us as a Promethean Spark Life Coach in one of our life-changing programs, to intern with us or to become a local Utah Chapter volunteer.

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Seeking volunteers to coach in Morocco, Egypt, and India

Dancers/instructors must be advanced level dancers with the ability to teach in challenging circumstances. All Promethean Spark Volunteers who represent us (domestically or internationally) must complete the Promethean Spark Life Coaching through the Arts Certification.

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Casablanca, Morocco

Duration: 6 weeks long in July and August

Teach classes for a summer program for at risk children and youth. Teach life skills to eager young people wanting to better their lives.


Cairo, Egpyt

Duration: 2-3 months

Teach classes for at risk children and youth wanting to better their lives in Cairo.


Chennai, India

Duration: Approx 3 months year round

Teach classes at a school for leprosy-affected children and train the LifeDance Troupe ​– the first ever dance troupe created out of youth from leprosy colonies.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: 2-3 months

Teach daily classes to children and teenage survivors of sex trafficking in a shelter in Kathmandu.


Mexico City, Mexico

Duration: Approx 2-3 months

Teach daily classes to teenage survivors of sex trafficking in shelters in Mexico City. Coaching in Mexico City programs are taught in Spanish.


Nairobi, Kenya

Duration: Approx 1-3 months

Teach daily classes and help establish programs in a newly built orphanage in Nairobi.


Discipline – Focus – Goal Setting – Perseverance – Time Management – Health
Teamwork – Self-Esteem – Respect – Critical Thinking – Leadership

Use your art to lift humanity like you have never experienced before. Help us heal the world and create leaders for life.